About Us

Atlantic Fabrication & Boiler Services, Inc.(AFBS), formed in 2003, is a contracting firm specializing in sheetmetal, structural, mechanical, piping, boiler repairs and other related trades.

AFBS recognizes its responsibilities as a manufacturer and repair facility to fully comply with all contractual provisions and governing regulatory specification requirements. Our management philosophy is centered on meeting our customer goals, objectives and requirements while at the same time delivering a quality product at a competitive price.

We have developed a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program and Inspection System which establishes controls throughout the entire manufacturing cycle from proposals and bids to the end-item delivery. It also assures meeting quality objectives and minimizes the possibility of compromise, which could affect product quality, reliability and schedule adherence.

Our goal is to create constancy of purpose aimed at improving productivity and developing a plan that increases our competitive edge. We focus on streamlining cost to our customers, achieving efficiency, improving our effectiveness, implementing technology, acquiring current information, increasing price performance and escalating quality assurance.

Atlantic Fabrication and Boiler Services is committed to establishing process control procedures, updating welding procedures, and renovating and expanding our business to better serve our customers.